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Julie Robinson has her private practice in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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About Julie

Julie, as a Teacher/Master Practitioner of Clinical Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, uses her direct skills of communication and connection whilst working with clients with stress, anxiety and depression related disorders.

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Julie works with some of the most successful elite athletes within Australia and the world to produce a ‘wisdom model’ attitude to their sport that promotes progression, longevity and mental mindset of accomplishment.

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Julie's ‘edutaining’ workshops and corporate seminars are extremely popular for businesses, athletes, parents and those who just wish to learn more about how their minds can work for them.

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About Mind Training

Mind Training Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. We all experience many, hypnotic or trance like moments during our every day lives. Julie is your guide to acquire this innate state to give you the opportunity to connect with your un-conscious mind and make changes at the behaviour level. Hypnotherapy is proven to be more effective that other traditional models:

Psychoanalysis 0
Behavior Therapy 0
Hypnotherapy 0

*Survey of psychotherapy literature by Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D.


As an athlete it is essential to be powerful not only physically but also mentally; this is when I came to Julie. The effort I put into training is always 110% and I would also seem to be able to find that fire in my belly when I trained, unfortunately I couldn’t say the same when I was behind the blocks ready to race. This is where Julie stepped in and has helped me to realise that I do have this fire in my belly if I can just switch it on. From learning how to switch this on, it has improved my mental state to things that I never believed I could do, even to the near point of believing nothing is impossible. Julie is exceptional in what she does, with such profession and guidance to the healer that she is, she always carries that smile with her and is always more than happy to help.

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For the past year my 9 year old son had a nervous tic which caused him to subconsciously make noises at the back of his throat, when sitting quietly watching TV or playing games. Although he was not aware he was doing it, it was driving the rest of the family potty. I took him to see Julie on the recomendation of a friend. After the first session with Julie the noises reduced dramatically and, with one follow-up session they have almost disappeared. It’s great not to have to constantly tell my son to stop making noises, which of course made no difference anyway – we are all delighted!

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I came to Julie because I have severe osteo arthritus in all my joints and found it hard to sleep even with strong pain killers so I thought I would give hypnosis a try. It felt like the deepest sleep but you are still awake. I practice the session at home to drop off and now I have no problems sleeping. Hypnosis is a great way to relieve yourself of any pain and I cannot believe how normal I am now.

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The majority of my life I have had a lot of self esteem issues & suffered quite badly from depression due to how I looked at myself or possibly societies conditioning through life’s experiences. 6 months ago I believe Julie changed my life during a hypnotherapy session. I booked into see Julie to help me with an issue that I have carried since a child. At the start of the session I walked in lethargic and feeling slightly depressed but walked out a changed man, full of confidence.

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