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Julie Robinson has her private practice in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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Mind Training

Julie’s mind training is employed using NLP and hypnosis techniques initiatingnatural and pleasant state of awareness. This state allows the unconscious mind to be completely open and receptive to positive suggestions. As a result, this is a very powerful state of mind and where positive change happens. What many people don’t know is that we access this state in our everyday lives. For some, it might be driving along a highway and realising time has gone by and you have missed your turn off.

Emotional Health

Julie can help you get to the root of what’s causing you to feel sad, anxious or worried. You will soon be able to remove all obstacles and understand how to make dramatic improvements in your life. You will feel a lot happier than you have for a very long time and will feel empowered to achieve all kinds of amazing personal goals.


Julie’s approach is unique, using techniques that are direct and that focus on permanent change and solutions to challenges. Julie does not use classical hypnosis, New Age, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychotherapy or Counseling. Her approach is respectful, interesting, educational and builds a life philosophy which can be truly remarkable, especially for children and teenagers. Clients only take on those suggestions that are acceptable for them, you will learn so much about how your mind works and having complete control at all times.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of optimum performance using physiology, language and thought processes. The methodology created is called ‘modeling’ which is a precise way of copying similar to the way a small child might learn something new and exciting. NLP is possibly the most effective method for fast and direct therapeutic change in the world today and Julie teaches her clients powerful, easy and fun strategies that transforms their lives. By modeling excellence we can become extremely curious and interested, with a ‘how do they do that’ attitude and in turn a ‘how can I do that’ attitude.